Shop your Style

Trier's city center also offers a lot for fashion and shopping enthusiasts!
Whether rummaging in the various stores of Neustraße or in the large department stores near Hauptmarkt: there is something for everyone!

The city center - from the Porta Nigra to the Viehmarktplatz - is particularly diversified with its shopping galleries and a multitude of specialized stores. Many of them are still owner-operated, range in size from 30 to 3,000 square meters and offer customers a special shopping feeling in a beautiful historic setting. It is precisely this mixture, that makes shopping in Trier so colorful and attractive. City-Initiative Trier e.V. and Einkaufserlebnis Trier tell you everything you need to know about retailers and shopping news.

Trier's city center: small distance, big shopping experience.

The stores close to the Porta Nigra, Hauptmarkt up to the Viehmarkt and Saarstraße are ideal for an uncomplicated shopping trip in the city center. Fashion- and shoe stores, drug- and grocery stores florists, opticians and many others are all within walking distance of each other.


Luxury lovers…
watch out!

Trier also has a lot to offer for lovers of high-quality exclusive fashion, cosmetics and beauty services. Small fine boutiques, perfumeries and wellness temples are spread throughout the city center.

Each neighborhood has its own special flair!

The different neighborhoods and quarters give the city a special unique atmosphere.

Specialty stores such as libraries, music supplies and furniture stores can be found around the Kornmarkt, for example. Well-known Trier fashion houses with tradition and trend have settled around the Basilika, among other places.

Small cafés, stores for design connoisseurs or selected perfumeries, in the Neustrasse you will find everything your heart desires!

Hidden treasures,
weekly- and
creative markets

Playful little things, great designer pieces or real works of art can be discovered and rummaged in many authentic stores.

Recurring flea markets take place at the Messepark, special pieces of furniture have our antique dealers in their selected assortment.