Time to Eat


Trier - 2000 years young with a unique attitude to life. Embedded in the worldwide unique historical scenery, a visit is always inspiring - With many new things to discover. Especially the numerous squares, cafés, restaurants, wine taverns or street food offers invite you to relax and enjoy a perfect day in Trier.

© Park Plaza

Fine Dining

Whether in the Schlemmereule,
Walderdorffs Astoria, Park Plaza or Beckers. Upscale palates will find a perfect experience of taste in Trier.


© Yong Yong

Vegan and Vegetarian

If you abstain from meat or any animal products, you’ll find good food without any problems.

Leanis Café, Astarix, Immergrün, Oh! Bio Mio, Shluk, Dolce Cielo and Zuppa soup bar are all dedicated to this lifestyle.

Cafés & Bistros

Perfect for short or extended breaks, delicious coffee in all variations, delicious cakes and good conversation. From long-established cult cafés to young concepts, it's all here. In great locations with bustling outdoor seating and cosy indoor spaces.
Make yourself comfortable at Café Glücklich, Balott Coffee Factory, Café 1900, Café Mohr, Mondo del Café, Nikos, Konditorei Café Razen, Zeitsprung, Konditorei Café Raab, Leanis Café or Delikat.

Winter or summer - ice cream is always a good idea! Whether at Rigoni, the Glace Eismanufaktur, Christis, Calchera, Sienaor the many other ice cream parlours in Trier... you'll always find the right flavour here!
Trier is also the right address for breakfast and brunch! A little tip: make a reservation in good time


© Restaurant Yamamoto
© Buddik Ban Lieue / Der Belichta

International &

With Restaurant Yamamoto, Yong Yong, CAO, Krämerei, Herrlich Ehrlich, Café Glücklich, ChibiYa, Buddik Ban Lieue and many more, Trier has a great selection of special locations for delicious and creative fusion cuisine from many countries.


© Brasserie Trier

Hearty &
typical Trier Food

Bei vielen gastronomischen Betrieben wie Zur SIM, Steipe am Hauptmarkt, Brasserie, Restaurant zum Domstein, früh bis spät, Kartoffelrestaurant Kiste, Wirtshaus Zur Glocke, in der Weinwirtschaft Friedrich-Wilhelm und im Cubiculum steht unter anderem sehr gutes (!) „Gut Bürgerliches“ auf der Speisekarte.

Those who want to eat typical regional food paired with the right wine will also get their money's worth here.


© Weinstube Kesselstatt
©Weinbar Trier
© Ulysses Weinreise
© Weinstube Kesselstatt

Wine shops and
wine restaurants

Wine from the Moselle is appreciated worldwide and is at home in Trier. Whether our famous Riesling or other fine drops from the region, there are countless bottles and tastes to choose from in the many wine bars, wine taverns and wine restaurants.

Weinfreunde treffen sich z.B. im Weinsinnig, der Weinwirtschaft Friedrich Wilhelm, der Weinstube Kesselstatt mit ihren historischen Weinkellern, der Weinbar Trier, im Oechsle Wein & Fischhaus, Ulysses Weinreise, Bischöfliche Weingüter, Ju12, Stiftungsweingut Vereinigte Hospitien oder in der Kost-Bar Vinothek und Tapasbar.

Equally popular is the Trier wine stand on the main market square, where wineries from the region offer their creations for tasting in weekly rotation.