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Laura's Day
My perfect 12 hours
in Trier

Laura (21) student, originally from Cologne: My perfect day off in Trier starts with my roommate and two big cups of coffee.

In the early rays of sunshine, we stroll through the Palastgarten. Then we browse for a while in Neustraße - with its unique stores and many cafés, we always meet familiar faces here. Afterwards we shop our way through the city center. The Trier Galerie and Simeonstraße are not to be missed, 

but the small stores outside have a lot to offer too. Second hand- and small stores are hidden everywhere. For refreshment in between, we grab a vegetarian lunch snack to go. Next we treat ourselves to a quick cosmetic treatment. In the evening we meet at 18 ZWO for cocktails or at the Cubiculum with our fellow students to devour huge amounts of the legendary pizza salad and ice-cold Viez limo.

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Our favourite
Selfiespots & Fotopoints

Where to find the best places and coolest locations to take great photos in Trier?

Our team searched and put together a selection of the best locations. Whether you want to immortalize yourself at imposing at internationally known sights in Trier or want a particularly nifty insidertip: With our list, you'll quickly find what you're looking for and can let your creativity run wild.

So pack your cell phone or camera, download our Fotopoint Map and off to Trier you go!

Spring Sweepstakes

Find the GOLDEN TULIP in Trier

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From 4 to 9 April, we hid a GOLDEN TULIP every day in the centre of Trier.

From 4 to 9 April, we hid a GOLDEN TULIP every day in the centre of Trier.You all worked hard to find the tulips and spring in Trier! Many thanks to all participants for the great campaign and congratulations to the winners.


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"For me, Trier is a real gem right in the heart of Europe - the Rome of the North with no less than eight World Heritage Sites, surrounded by world-renowned wine regions on the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer, a charming city centre and excellent culinary offerings. You will love Trier and come back - I promise!"